UCF Football Standouts Worth Watching

The University of Central Florida (UCF) has established a robust legacy in collegiate football, evolving remarkably since its inception. The Knights, as a relatively young football program, started in 1979 and swiftly climbed from Division III to the ranks of Division I, reflecting their growing prowess and competitive spirit. 

UCF’s football history is marked by rapid development and significant achievements, including major bowl games and conference titles, particularly their notable perfect season 2017. 

Over the years, UCF has been a fertile ground for nurturing NFL-caliber talent, consistently developing players who excel professionally.

John Rhys Plumlee

UCF’s starting quarterback, John Rhys Plumlee, has shown remarkable versatility and leadership. After transferring from Ole Miss, Plumlee has significantly impacted at UCF with his athletic prowess in passing and rushing. In the 2023 season, his adaptability has been on full display, especially with improvements in his passing mechanics noted during the offseason. 

Plumlee’s ability to execute plays on the move and his enhanced passing accuracy make him a pivotal player for the Knights as they navigate their first season in the Big 12 Conference. His performance has not gone unnoticed, with Plumlee being considered a potential NFL draft pick thanks to his improved techniques and consistent performance under pressure​.

RJ Harvey

RJ Harvey, a vital cog in UCF’s offensive machine, stands out with his efficient rushing skills. Despite his compact stature, Harvey’s strategic play and quick acceleration allow him to effectively maneuver through defenses, making him one of the most productive runners on the team. His prowess extends to receiving, showcasing versatility that could serve well in professional ranks. 

Harvey’s intelligent gameplay and ability to find and exploit gaps in the defensive line renders him a key asset for the Knights, particularly in high-pressure scenarios​.

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Javon Baker

Javon Baker has emerged as a leading receiver for UCF, known for his strong build and exceptional ball skills. Baker’s ability to haul in difficult catches and create plays after the catch has made him a favorite target on the field. 

His route-running and competitive nature enable him to outplay defenders, even without elite speed. Baker’s significant contribution to UCF’s offensive strategies is highlighted by his knack for making pivotal plays, which could enhance his prospects in the upcoming NFL drafts.

Corey Gammage

Corey Gammage has become a crucial player in UCF’s offense with his impressive performance throughout the season. His stats reflect significant contributions: he caught 48 passes for 731 yards and scored six touchdowns. 

Gammage’s ability to secure catches in critical moments and his knack for moving the chains make him a top target in high-stakes situations. 

Ricky Barber: Formidable Defensive Tackle

Ricky Barber, a standout defensive tackle, showcases his defensive prowess game after game. Throughout the season, he compiled impressive stats with 42 tackles, including 3.5 sacks and 5.5 tackles for loss. 

His ability to disrupt the opposing offense’s rhythm by penetrating the backfield and his consistency in tackle execution make him a defensive linchpin for UCF. 

Barber’s impact on defense cannot be overstated. He often draws double teams, allowing his teammates more opportunities to make plays.

Lokahi Pauole: Dominant Offensive Lineman

On the offensive line, Lokahi Pauole has been a cornerstone for UCF, consistently delivering performances that bolster the team’s blocking schemes. His experience and agility allow him to protect the quarterback effectively and create openings for the running game. 

Pauole’s ability to engage multiple defenders simultaneously showcases his strength and strategic understanding of the game, making him an indispensable member of the offensive front. 

His performances have positioned him as one of the top blockers in the conference, and his prospects look promising as he continues to anchor the Knights’ offensive line​.


As UCF Knights continue their ascent in college football, the players highlighted exemplify the talent and determination that define the program. From John Rhys Plumlee’s dynamic leadership to Ricky Barber’s defensive prowess, each standout contributes uniquely to the team’s success. UCF’s ability to nurture and develop such talent ensures that the Knights remain a force in collegiate football, with players like these capturing attention on the field and offering exciting prospects for football enthusiasts and bettors alike.

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