The 8 Best Places to Take Pictures in Tokyo: Must-See Gems!


Tokyo, a city of dazzling lights and endless sights, is a photographer’s dream. From ancient temples to modern skyscrapers, the city offers a unique blend of the old and the new. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who loves to capture memories, Tokyo has something for everyone. In this article, we will explore the 8 best places to take pictures in Tokyo. Each spot is not just a place to snap a photo but an experience to remember.

1. Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing is the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing. It’s like a sea of people moving in all directions. The best time to take pictures here is during the evening. This is when the crossing is busiest. Also, the lights from the billboards add a magical touch to your photos.

2. Senso-ji Temple

This ancient Buddhist temple is located in Asakusa. It is Tokyo’s oldest temple. The bright red gate and the five-story pagoda are stunning. They look amazing in photos. Early morning or late evening is the best time to visit. This way, you can avoid the crowds.

3. Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a symbol of Japan. It looks like the Eiffel Tower but is taller. You can take pictures from the observation deck. Here, you can see the whole city. The tower looks beautiful at night. It glows with orange lights.

4. Meiji Shrine

This shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife. It is surrounded by a beautiful forest. The large torii gate at the entrance is a great spot for pictures. The shrine is peaceful. It’s a nice break from the busy city.

5. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

This garden is a mix of French, English, and traditional Japanese gardens. It is beautiful all year round. In spring, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. In autumn, the leaves change color. It’s a perfect place for nature photos.

The 8 Best Places to Take Pictures in Tokyo: Must-See Gems!


6. Odaiba

Odaiba is a man-made island in Tokyo Bay. It offers great views of the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo skyline. The Statue of Liberty replica is a popular photo spot. Nighttime is the best time to visit. The lights from the buildings and the bridge are stunning.

7. Takeshita Street

Takeshita Street is in the heart of Harajuku. It’s famous for its colorful shops and fashion. This street is always full of energy. It’s a great place to capture the youth culture of Tokyo. Don’t forget to try some crepes. They’re delicious!

The 8 Best Places to Take Pictures in Tokyo: Must-See Gems!


8. Tokyo Skytree

The Tokyo Skytree is the tallest structure in Japan. It offers breathtaking views of the city. You can see as far as Mount Fuji on a clear day. The Skytree looks amazing during sunset. The sky changes color, and the city lights up.


Tokyo is a city that never sleeps. It’s full of amazing places to take pictures. Whether you’re interested in nature, history, or modern architecture, Tokyo has it all. Remember to enjoy the moment and not just focus on taking pictures. Happy snapping!

Quick Guide to The 8 Best Places to Take Pictures in Tokyo
Place Best Time to Visit Highlights
Shibuya Crossing Evening World’s busiest pedestrian crossing
Senso-ji Temple Early morning or late evening Tokyo’s oldest temple
Tokyo Tower Night Observation deck with city views
Meiji Shrine Anytime Beautiful forest and large torii gate
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Spring or autumn Mix of garden styles and seasonal beauty
Odaiba Night Views of Rainbow Bridge and skyline
Takeshita Street Anytime Colorful shops and fashion
Tokyo Skytree Sunset Tallest structure in Japan with panoramic views

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Tokyo’s Top Photo Spots?

Tokyo boasts iconic photography locations like Shibuya Crossing, Senso-ji Temple, and the Tokyo Tower. Each offers a unique backdrop for captivating photos.

Where To Capture Tokyo’s Skyline?

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building offers a free observation deck for panoramic views of Tokyo’s impressive skyline, especially stunning at sunset.

Can I Take Night Photos In Tokyo?

Absolutely, Tokyo comes alive at night. Spots like Odaiba and Shinjuku offer vibrant neon lights and bustling city life, perfect for night photography.

Are There Traditional Photo Locations In Tokyo?

Yes, the historic Asakusa district, featuring the Senso-ji Temple and Nakamise-dori, provides a traditional setting for photographers seeking a classic Japanese scene.


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