Most Expensive Music Video Ever: See the Top 5!


Do you love music videos? Many of us do! They bring songs to life. But some music videos cost a lot of money to make. Today, we will find out which are the priciest ones. You might wonder why they cost so much. We will look at that too!

What Makes a Music Video Expensive?

Before we dive in, let’s talk about cost. Many things can make a music video pricey. These include special effects, famous actors, and cool locations. Even making a video long can add to the cost. Now, let’s look at some of the most costly music videos ever.

Michael Jackson’s “scream”

Michael Jackson is known as the King of Pop. He made some very pricey music videos. “Scream” is one of them. This video is amazing! It has lots of special effects and cool dance moves. It cost over $7 million to make. That was a lot of money back in 1995!

Madonna’s “express Yourself”

Madonna is a big pop star too. She made a video called “Express Yourself”. This video looks like a movie! It has a big city and a factory. There are lots of dancers too. It cost about $5 million in 1989. Wow!

Guns N’ Roses’ “estranged”

The rock band Guns N’ Roses made a video called “Estranged”. It’s a long video. It has dolphins and a big ship. The band members even jump into the ocean! This video cost about $4 million in 1993.

Puff Daddy’s “victory”

Puff Daddy made a video called “Victory”. It’s like an action movie. There are explosions and chases. It even has a famous actor, Dennis Hopper. This video cost about $2.7 million in 1998.

Aqua’s “cartoon Heroes”

The pop group Aqua made a fun video. It’s called “Cartoon Heroes”. The video has a space theme. It’s very colorful and has cool effects. It cost about $3.5 million in 2000.

Most Expensive Music Video Ever: See the Top 5!


Why Spend So Much on Music Videos?

Now you might wonder, why spend so much? Music videos help artists get noticed. They show the artist’s style. A cool video can make a song more popular. It can also win awards. That’s why some artists spend a lot on them.

Are Expensive Music Videos Still Made?

Today, not as much money is spent on music videos. But some artists still make costly ones. They want to stand out. They use new technology too. So, we still get to see some pretty cool videos!

How Do Music Videos Make Money?

Music videos can make money too. They can make money from ads. People watch the videos online. If lots of people watch, the video can make more money. The video can also help sell the song. So, a good video can be worth the cost.

Most Expensive Music Video Ever: See the Top 5!


What’s the Future of Music Videos?

The future of music videos looks fun. Artists keep making them. They use new ideas and technology. We might see videos with virtual reality soon. That would be very cool!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Expensive Music Video Ever?

Michael Jackson’s “Scream,” produced at a cost of $7 million, holds the title for the most expensive music video ever made.

Who Directed The Priciest Music Video?

Mark Romanek directed Michael Jackson’s “Scream,” the priciest music video in history, showcasing his visionary approach.

Why Are Music Videos So Expensive?

High costs in music videos stem from elaborate set designs, visual effects, and high-profile talents, elevating the production value.

How Do Music Videos Generate Revenue?

Music videos generate revenue through advertising, platform streaming royalties, and enhancing artist visibility, leading to increased sales and concert attendance.


So, music videos can be very expensive. But they are also very important. They help artists share their music. They can make a song famous. And they can be lots of fun to watch. We hope you enjoyed learning about the most expensive music videos!

Top 5 Most Expensive Music Videos
Artist Song Title Year Cost (approx.)
Michael Jackson Scream 1995 $7 million
Madonna Express Yourself 1989 $5 million
Guns N’ Roses Estranged 1993 $4 million
Puff Daddy Victory 1998 $2.7 million
Aqua Cartoon Heroes 2000 $3.5 million

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