John Lefevre: Unveiling the Mastermind of @GSElevator


Have you ever heard of John Lefevre? He has a very interesting story. Let’s dive into it.

John Lefevre: Unveiling the Mastermind of @GSElevator


Who is John Lefevre?

John Lefevre is known for many things. He worked in banks. He wrote a book. He also made many people laugh with his tweets. He is very talented.

His Early Life and Career

John Lefevre was born in a place far from here. He loved to learn. He went to college. After that, he worked in big banks. Banks are places where people keep their money.

Working In Banks

John worked in banks for many years. He learned a lot about money. He traveled to many places for work. He met many people.

Turning to Writing

After many years, John decided to write. He wanted to share his stories. He wrote about his life in banks. His stories were very funny.

His Famous Book

John wrote a book. It is called “Straight to Hell”. It became very popular. Many people read it. They found it funny and true.

His Twitter Fame

John also used Twitter. Twitter is a place on the internet where you can share thoughts. He shared funny things about banks. Many people liked it. They laughed a lot.

Why People Love His Tweets

  • They are funny.
  • They tell true things in a funny way.
  • They make people think.

Lessons from John Lefevre

John Lefevre teaches us many things. He shows us that it’s good to share. He tells us that work can be fun. He also shows us that it’s okay to change paths.

Sharing Is Good

John shared his stories. People loved them. They learned from them. Sharing is a good thing.

Work Can Be Fun

John found fun in his work. He made others laugh with his stories. Work doesn’t have to be boring.

It’s Okay To Change Paths

John changed his path. He went from banking to writing. It was a good choice for him.

John Lefevre: Unveiling the Mastermind of @GSElevator


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is John Lefevre?

John Lefevre is best known as the creator of the @GSElevator Twitter account and author of the book “Straight to Hell”.

What Is John Lefevre’s Background?

Lefevre, with a background in law and finance, worked in the securities industry before gaining fame for his satirical social media persona.

What Book Did John Lefevre Write?

John Lefevre authored “Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance, Debauchery, and Billion-Dollar Deals,” a tell-all about Wall Street’s culture.

Did John Lefevre Actually Work At Goldman Sachs?

Contrary to popular belief, Lefevre never worked at Goldman Sachs; his @GSElevator account portrayed an exaggerated insider’s perspective.


John Lefevre has a very interesting life. He has done many things. He worked in banks. He wrote a book. He made people laugh. We can learn a lot from him. It’s good to share. It’s good to find fun in work. It’s okay to change paths.

Thank you for reading about John Lefevre. Maybe you will read his book. Maybe you will share your stories too.


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