In the Lap of Love: The Best Lessons from Brec Bassinger Parents


Brec Bassinger is a rising young actress who has quickly gained fame through lead roles in shows like Bella and the Bulldogs, Liar Liar Vampire, and Stargirl. While still early in her career at just 23 years old, Brec exhibits maturity, groundedness, and wisdom beyond her years. Much of this derives from the devoted support and guidance of her parents, Gwen and Ron Bassinger. They have shaped the person and performer Brec has become through their unconditional love, instilling of values, and career counseling. This article explores the immense influence of the Bassingers as ever-present pillars of strength as Brec navigates the trials and triumphs of building an acting career. Brec Bassinger Parents is Debbie and Charlie Bassinger. Her mother was a teacher and her father worked in the car industry. She was born in Saginaw, Texas in 1999. Brec started acting and modeling at a young age with the support of her parents. They encouraged her talents and drove her to auditions and acting classes. The Bassingers have been pivotal in helping Brec achieve her dreams of being an actress. They remain very involved in her career.

Early Life and Family

Brec was born Brec Marie Bassinger on May 25, 1999, in Saginaw, Texas, to parents Gwen and Ron Bassinger. She was athletic from a young age, excelling in cheerleading, gymnastics, and softball. But she also inherited the acting bug from her family. Her aunt was an actress, and her cousin Abby Ryder Fortson carved out a successful child acting career.

Gwen and Ron emphasized a normal childhood for Brec and her older brother Brecston. They provided a loving, Christian household and a close-knit extended family. Summers were spent at her grandparent’s ranch in Texas. Despite Brec’s acting talent emerging early, her parents focused on instilling down-to-earth values and a strong sense of self.

Discovering Her Passion for Acting

Brec’s passion for performing ignited early. At age 5, she began taking acting and dance classes at the local talent and modeling school her cousin attended. She landed her first agent at six and soon booked commercial work for brands like Mattel, Barbie, and Hasbro.

Her parents were hesitant about Brec pursuing acting seriously at a young age. But they recognized her natural talent and passion for performing. When Brec started booking ever bigger jobs, the Bassingers became convinced this could be a fulfilling career path. But they vowed to keep her grounded and set proper priorities.

Brec began homeschooling in 5th grade to accommodate her budding career. But academics remained the priority; acting could not interfere with learning. Her parents also limited the number of auditions and jobs she could take to prevent burnout. Free time was kept for family, church, and cheerleading with friends. 

The Bassingers instilled humility, ensuring Brec understood that achievements came through God’s grace and required hard work, not just talent. These core values shaped Brec’s approach to acting.

Guiding the Path to Success

As opportunities kept increasing for their daughter, Ron, and Gwen had to put more careful thought into guiding her career. They aimed to help position Brec for success while preserving normalcy.

Her early jobs were mostly local commercial and modeling work. But the Bassingers saw the potential for Brec to make acting a long-term endeavor. When she was 11, they allowed her to take a bigger step by auditioning for a role on a Nickelodeon TV show.

Brec won the part as the lead character in Bella and the Bulldogs. It required moving to Los Angeles for filming. This marked a major transition for the family. Ron began working remotely to allow Gwen and Brec’s brother Brecston to accompany her to LA.

The Bassingers helped Brec adapt to a demanding new world of long work days, celebrity status, and homeschooling on set. But they made sure to keep her involved in cheer, church, and community service – anything to reinforce normalcy and good values.

Ron and Gwen carefully considered what jobs would help Brec gain exposure versus overextending her. They shielded her from overly risky or mature projects, not pushing too fast too soon. When Brec faced disappointments like canceled shows, they emphasized handling it gracefully and realizing everything happens for a reason.

The Bassingers’ guidance and emotional support were invaluable as Brec adjusted to the pressures of Hollywood. Their priority was always her wellbeing – not money or fame.

Importance of Education

Even as acting increasingly consumed her time, Brec’s parents ensured education remained a focal point. Completing high school was non-negotiable.

Between takes on sets, Brec did schoolwork remotely with a tutor. Ron and Gwen tracked her progress and graded homework. During hiatuses from filming, they had her take courses at a community college.

After Brec finished high school, the Bassingers expected her to continue on and enroll in college courses. Education was the backup plan, and it should not pan out in the long term. But more so, Ron and Gwen knew that knowledge was invaluable beyond just a career.

Brec has said her parents ingrained in her that “as a young person, your first job is getting an education.” This motivated her to juggle acting with earning an Associate of Arts degree, expanding her worldview along the way.

Instilling Strong Values

Ron and Gwen worked to shape their daughter’s character just as much as her career. They wanted her to stay humble and kind amid the Hollywood limelight.

The Bassingers built a tight-knit family, attending church every week and having dinner together most nights. Even after moving to LA, they would fly home regularly to spend time with extended family. These experiences and quality time together reinforced strong values.

Brec says her parents taught her “what truly matters in life — not fame or fortune, but love, faith and making the most out of every day.” This grounded perspective helped shield her from the uglier side of Hollywood.

Ron and Gwen also expected respect, good behavior, and hard work as the norm, not rewardable behavior. They did not spoil their children just because money was flowing in. Brec had to earn privileges through demonstrated maturity. These teachings molded Brec into a polite, conscientious, well-mannered teen.

When Brec did face bumps like petty girl drama on a show set, she could vent to her parents for moral support. Their unconditional love and modeling of high character gave Brec an internal compass to guide her.

Opening Doors

A key way Brec’s parents supported her career was by building relationships that could open doors. They were always warm, charming, and helpful to producers, directors, crew members, and fellow actors.

Her dad, Ron, in particular, took an active networking role. On sets, he would strike up conversations, advocate politely for Brec, and suggest promising projects—but never in a pushy “stage dad” way.

Ron and Gwen also realized the value of mentors who could guide Brec’s development as an actor while also protecting her interests. They observed how Abby Ryder Fortson benefited greatly from being mentored by her manager.

The Bassingers helped connect Brec to a trusted manager who could provide coaching and life advice. Under this mentorship, Brec progressed quickly from child actress to more mature teen roles. 

Ron and Gwen’s supportive engagement with the acting community provided the right entrée for Brec to access opportunities. But they deferred to Brec’s instincts when deciding which projects to pursue.

Emphasizing Balance

While fully supporting Brec’s acting aspirations, her parents also knew the importance of balance. They enforced interests and activities outside of work.

Gwen ensured Brec had time for cheering, gymnastics, and softball. Ron signed Brec up for father-daughter golf lessons. On family vacations, they left LA entirely behind.

The Bassingers also prioritized community service, having Brec volunteer with homeless youth. Brec remains engaged with charities supporting kids in the foster system.

Her parents did not permit acting to consume Brec’s whole identity. She had passions like writing poetry and photography, too. Keeping life multidimensional was crucial.

Brec has since said the wisdom of her parents’ teachings became clear as peers struggled with a lack of identity outside acting. By insulating her from fame’s toxicity and emphasizing balance, the Bassingers enabled her to thrive.

Child acting often brings the pressure of supporting a family financially. But Brec’s parents-maintained control of her income and avoided over-dependence.

They set aside a portion of earnings for Brec’s future savings and donated some to charity. The rest provided for needs, not unlimited wants. Brec wore normal clothes, not designer labels.

The Bassingers made sure never to drain Brec’s trust fund so she would have future opportunities. They kept their jobs, budgeted thoughtfully, and avoided getting caught up in LA extravagance. 

Shielding her from financial details also protected Brec from entitlement or guilt. She could focus on her craft, not stress as a family breadwinner. Her parents’ guidance on money matters allowed Brec to achieve longevity that other young stars often do not.

The Challenges of Growing Up in Hollywood

Despite her parents’ best efforts at preserving normalcy, Brec faced struggles unique to the pressures of young Hollywood. As she matured from a child to a teen actress, new challenges emerged.

Media and internet commentators became obsessed with every detail of Brec’s life, looks, and reputation. She felt constant judgment about weight, relationships, behavior, and more. Endless public critique threatened her self-esteem.

Trying to have normal friendships and romantic relationships also proved difficult with the media glare. Brec’s parents were fiercely protective of anyone who might take advantage of her trust and fame. Dating was discouraged until she was older and wiser.

Through it all, Gwen and Ron had to walk a tricky line – granting some independence appropriate to Brec’s age while also monitoring closely to prevent risky choices that come with the Hollywood fast lane. The Bassingers had to adjust to parenting a teenager within the fishbowl of young stardom.

Putting Her Career First

As Brec reached the cusp of adulthood, she had to make pivotal career decisions. Filming schedule conflicts meant she needed help to juggle both acting and college simultaneously.

Brec was ready to devote herself to her acting career fully. But she feared disappointing her parents by not finishing college. They had always emphasized education as her safety net.

Ultimately, the Bassingers supported Brec’s choice to put acting first. Ron and Gwen realized this was her destiny and passion. While asking her to promise she would someday complete her degree, they gave Brec their full blessing to pursue her dreams.

Their flexibility represented devotion to their daughter’s happiness above all else. By adapting to her evolving needs, Brec’s parents continued empowering her growth.

Imparting Faith

An essential way Ron and Gwen anchored their daughter throughout her journey was imparting Christian faith.

She was attending church weekly and saying prayers before auditions, which gave Brec a sense of calm and destiny amid uncertainty. Her parents taught her to focus on serving God, not chasing fame and wealth.

Brec has spoken about how her faith kept her resilient amid rejection. She knew God had a plan that she had to trust in. Staying involved at church provided a community separate from Hollywood.

Her parents also had Brec read religious, inspirational books to strengthen her values as a teenager navigating risky environments. Their grounding gift of faith became a moral compass guiding her.

Brec Bassinger Parents

As Brec entered adulthood, Ron and Gwen had to loosen their protection and control gradually. This was challenging, as they had sheltered her for so long.

Though acting consumed much of her time, they gave Brec more freedom in social life and financial choices. They had to trust they had properly equipped her to make wise decisions.

When Brec decided to move out of her family home at 21, her parents supported this need to assert her independence. They had to let go and allow her to forge her path fully.

The Bassingers found comfort in seeing Brec surround herself with other young Christian actresses living independently. They took pride in the thoughtful, mature woman their daughter had become.

Looking to the Future

Now in her early 20s, the foundation Brec’s parents have built is allowing her to achieve her dreams. But Ron and Gwen continue imparting wisdom for her future.

They advise enjoying the journey and not putting too much stock in fame and success that can vanish. Moral character and loved ones are what matters most.

Her parents encourage Brec to pursue diverse roles to grow her skills and not feel typecast as a “teen actress.” They support her in exploring passions like writing and charitable work.

While it is impossible to predict fame’s impact in the long term, the Bassingers instilled values in Brec to help her stay anchored. Through their continuous love and guidance, she is well-equipped to navigate life’s twists and turns with grace. 

The Rewarding Journey

As Brec evolved from a child performer to a mature actress, Gwen and Ron felt immense pride in the person she had become.

She exhibited wisdom and humility well beyond her years. She had avoided pitfalls sinking many young stars, thanks to her parents’ devoted guidance. 

The Bassingers sacrificing so much for Brec’s career paid dividends in getting to witness her living her passion. While Ron and Gwen hoped to protect Brec forever, they knew the time had come to let her chart her course.

Of course, the rewards of parenting extend beyond career success. The Bassingers beam most when seeing Brec care for others, appreciate small blessings, and exemplify the strong values they instilled.

By building a strong foundation, Ron and Gwen know Brec has the character and talent to thrive as she steps fully into adulthood. Their investment in her lifelong development continues to pay it forward.

Becoming Independent Yet Still Connected

A great challenge, but also a reward, of parenting is seeing your fully grown child increasingly independent yet still connected.

The Bassingers had to loosen the reins as Brec asserted her adulthood. Painful as letting go was, they found joy in witnessing her forge her path on the principles they’d modeled.

Brec values family above all else. She makes an effort to visit home often, leaning on her parents for continuous guidance amidst an insane industry. They remain her rock.

Yet Brec makes decisions for herself, drawing confidence from the trust Ron and Gwen instilled. Though forging ahead more independently now, the Bassingers’ wisdom guides every step.

As she built her career without her parents close by, Brec had to rely on their teachings to navigate industry pressures.

When the grueling pace left her depleted, she recalled their talks urging balance, taking breaks, and knowing when to say no. Brec checks in with herself and makes time for people and passions that truly matter.

She also applies her mom’s advice to disregard media gossip and not let others define you. Focusing on values, not fame, keeps Brec grounded amidst flattery and criticism.

When facing disappointments like lost roles, Brec powerfully channels her parents’ messaging around God’s plan, unfolding as it should. Keeping perspective allows her to persevere.

The Bassingers prepared Brec to stay resilient on her own by imparting principles and coping strategies to combat Hollywood’s toxicity. Their wisdom helps empower her independence.

Expressing Gratitude

As her fame grew exponentially through landing star-making roles, Brec felt overwhelmed with gratitude for those who helped guide her journey.

She began sharing more publicly about her supportive parents, who provided the foundation for success. Brec openly thanked them for the many sacrifices they made to help her reach her dreams.

Interviews tracing her rise to stardom illustrated the exceptional parenting Ron and Gwen exhibited. They let Brec shine while avoiding the limelight themselves. 

Above all, Brec expressed profound thanks for the values her parents instilled, which kept her anchored amid turbulent waters. She hoped to pass their wisdom on through mentoring other young talent.

While humble about their integral influence, the Bassingers felt immensely proud of Brec’s words and actions reflecting their devoted parenting. They never needed acclaim; they just saw their daughter thriving.

Looking Ahead as a Role Model

Moving forward, Brec feels passionately about being a role model for young fans. Encouraged by her parents’ guidance, she hopes to inspire others similarly.

She shares how failure and rejection ultimately strengthened her resilience and character. Brec emphasizes focusing on self-growth, not external markers of success that Hollywood fixates on.

Brec opens up about mental health struggles many young people face. She advises cherishing the uniqueness you are born with rather than comparing yourself to others.

When discussing relationships, she promotes looking beyond surface-level connections to find someone loyal who brings out your best self.

By being vulnerable about her journey, Brec aims to be the encouraging mentor for teen girls that her parents were for her. The Bassingers showed the power of wisdom passed down across generations.


As we have seen, behind every accomplished child star is devoted parenting guiding them. For Brec Bassinger, the unconditional support and teaching of Gwen and Ron Bassinger allowed her to flourish in Hollywood and life. They instilled strong values, emphasized education, and encouraged her to pursue her passion fully.

While Brec’s natural talent and work ethic drive her success, her parents provided the foundation. They ensured acting enriched rather than defined her. By exemplifying sacrifice, humility, and faith, the Bassingers shaped Brec’s character and future.

While she charts her course now, Brec carries her parents’ wisdom forward. Ron and Gwen found life’s greatest joy not in fame but in seeing their daughter living their values through serving others. The anecdotes and principles they passed down continue guiding Brec as she steps solidly into adulthood.

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