Food Tours in Mexico City: A Look into the Culinary Culture

When people think of Mexico City, a cacophony of sounds, a vision of beautiful old buildings, and delicious food comes to mind. Mexico City is a massive complex teeming with ready-to-be-discovered food spots. Food tours are a direct path to experience some of Mexico City’s finest cuisine.

Popular Food Tours in Mexico City

  1. Eat Like a Local Mexico City Food Tour

For those who want to see how travelers eat their way through Mexico like a local, this is the tour for you. Get to some cool markets, mom-and-pop shops, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, the locals and the initiated know that is where all the good food is From tamales to tacos, learn the backstory behind the food, the people, and the communities that build Mexico City. The passionate guides drop the food knowledge, combining a meal and a lesson on this tour.

  1. Mexico City Street Food Essentials

Explore food tours in Mexico city the way the locals do and try foods that are loved by the residents of the Mexican capital. The tour takes to the less promoted but equally (actually more) charming and interesting districts in Mexico City. This gives a more lived-in experience.

You can experience the tasty authentic Mexican street food loved by the locals. From tacos al pastor to tlacoyos. Eating on the street is a delicious part of Mexico City’s culinary culture.

  1. Tacos and Mezcal Tour

Enjoy two of the most authentic Mexican foods and drinks: tacos and Mezcal. As this is one of the best tours for street food in Mexico City, you will get to try all types of tacos, the perfect introduction to the enormous variety of Mexican cuisine.

The flavors, colors, and atmosphere mean you won’t need anything else to fully live the Mexico City food tour experience. But that is not all! You will also get to visit real Mexican Mezcal bars to try some of the country’s national beverages the right way!

  1. La Merced Market Tour

With an area of 4 hectares (990 acres), La Merced is the largest retail traditional food market in Mexico City and one of the largest in Latin America. In this tour, you will walk through the winding hallways of this enormous market. 

You will see, smell, and taste the freshest ingredients the markets have to offer. Sample delicious dishes prepared with fresh ingredients. Meet the lovely vendors behind this bustling market.

Enjoy The Tasty Adventure

Ask the staff questions. The guides are experts in Mexico City cuisine, ask them anything about the dish, the ingredients used, the history of the food and Mexico City. Also, think outside the box! Even if you have never seen the food or it’s something you don’t eat, try it. But above all have fun!

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